Turkey Lifts Military Ban On Headscarves

Since Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has started governing Turkey, several reforms are being made regarding the Islamic headscarf. His government is now aiming to lift the ban on female army officers wearing the Islamic headscarf. Belonging to the Justice and Development party, Erdoğan has always been stressing the importance of removing restrictions on women. Being an Islamic government,(…)


Zainab Salbi Project: A Fearless Voice On Women’s Issues

Humanitarian, entrepreneur and author, Zainab Salbi, has launched the Zainab Salbi project video for The Huffington Post. The series aims to have unapologetic and fearless conversations centering around women’s issues the world over. “I travelled around the world for these stories and here’s what I learned: Muslims see ISIS as the biggest enemy of Islam itself; the(…)


Another Hijab-Clad Woman Attacked In The US

In the latest of hate crimes taking place in the US, a hijab-clad woman was hit in the face with a bottle in broad daylight. The student of Washington University suffered bruises on her face and a concussion. A reward of $5000 has been announced by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) for information leading(…)


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