harini calamur

Why we should stop making a big deal out of sex and sexuality

Sex and sexuality are talked in hushed down tones inside the closed doors of our houses among our friends and people who we trust. Actually sometimes not even with them. It is not a topic conventionally discussed between parents and children. Millennials are bringing it out of the closed doors in metro cities and trying(…)


Can Millennials In Bombay Afford Their Dreams?

SheThePeople.TV recently hosted its Bombaywaali conference at the Cuckoo Club. A panel discussion, moderated by SheThePeople.TV’s founder Shaili Chopra, looked at the idea of the urban poor and whether Bombay is really a city where dreams can come true. Gayatri Jayaraman, author of the much talked about essay on Bombay’s urban poor, talked about how(…)


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