In Gujarat, EC Rolls Show Only 37% Women In First-Time Voter List

Gujarat, which will go to polls either at the end of this year or early next year, has few first-time women voters. In the 18-19 age bracket, women voters only form 37 per cent of the 4.48 lakh first-time voters. According to the records by Election Commission, compared to 2.81 lakh male voters, only 1.66 lakh(…)


The Anatomy of Hate Project: Meet Revati Laul

Independent Journalist Revati Laul talks to SheThePeople.TV on her new project, The Anatomy of Hate, why it’s important to understand what/ who makes up a mob, and how in unpeeling the layers, she discovers an inconvenient truth — it could easily be you or me. So what turns someone into a perpetrator of mob violence? Is(…)


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