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Can Millennials In Bombay Afford Their Dreams?

SheThePeople.TV recently hosted its Bombaywaali conference at the Cuckoo Club. A panel discussion, moderated by SheThePeople.TV’s founder Shaili Chopra, looked at the idea of the urban poor and whether Bombay is really a city where dreams can come true. Gayatri Jayaraman, author of the much talked about essay on Bombay’s urban poor, talked about how(…)


A full house, a fierce and fearless conversation headlined Feminist Rani

By Meghna Pant A full house, a fierce and fearless conversation. The June edition of Feminist Rani focussed on the ‘Changing Dialogue on Feminism in India’ with two stellar panelists, journalist Gayatri Jayaraman and stylist-activist Sapna Bhavnani. Gayatri is a writer who coined the term ‘urban poor’ in a recent Buzzfeed article. She is also(…)


Is our understanding of empowerment & success a bit warped?

Our perceived sense of empowerment and our vocabulary of success may be warped says Gayatri Jayaraman at the June edition of Feminist Rani, a SheThePeople concept and effort to bring contemporary views on feminism and increase dialogue on the subject. Register for Feminist Rani Gayatri breaks the myth that women who are rural, empowered and(…)


Is Bollywood scared of feminism?

Is India’s film industry scared of the word Feminism? Do we give too much attention to what and how our stars think? Are they really feminists if the industry is yet debating gender pay gap? Or where women surge and grow basis the choice of the Khans?  Recently Lisa Haydon who played a bold role in(…)


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