East meets West to discuss gender: Mary Dore & Paromita Vohra

March is the month of the woman. It was only bound that this month’s Feminist Rani has to be more fun, fierce and fearless than all the other instalments that we have put together so far. Our guests for the eve included big names like Emmy winning filmmaker Mary Dore and Indian filmmaker and founder(…)


Feminist Rani: Vagina and its social scrutiny

I know my vagina is the cause of all problem. I am my vagina, something that undergoes tremendous social scrutiny at all times and all levels of my life. It doesn’t matter who I am or what I’ve accomplished as a human being, all that matters is my vagina and the social chaos that it(…)


The Queer Question: Discussing LGBT rights on Feminist Rani

The subject was bold and so were the conversations. Yet another fierce, free and feminist episode of Feminist Rani concluded at Deepak Talkies focussed on LGBT Rights with Activist Anuja Parikh and Queer Rights activist and advocate Sonia Giani came together to break silences of the ‘Queer Question.’ Sonia is actively involved with Humsafar Trust, one(…)


Feminist Rani: Using technology to empower women, keep them safe

Feminist Rani put the spotlight on women’s safety in public spaces at its December edition. For women to become leaders in society and contribute meaningfully to the economy, safety is an issue that must be addressed. Three firebrand women were at the centre of this discussion: Trisha Shetty of SheSays, Indira Chandrashekhar of Mapping Sexual(…)


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