The Grand Indian Patriarchal Wedding

We all have that one impulse driven crazy cousin who always got us into trouble. The one of this kind in my family decided to get married last summer. Now we all know how significant weddings are to Indians. But owing to the kind he is, we were only informed of the wedding a week(…)


Start of something new: Feminist movement in Pakistan

Pakistan and India have shared a close love-hate relationship ever since the nations gained freedom. However the women in both nations share a long history of oppression through patriarchy. We have also seen a drastic shift in the global feminist movement when women from South and South-East Asia started coming forward and citing their concerns.(…)


What I gathered from Malala and Emma Watson’s talk on feminism

Primary and secondary education for women has been a questionable area, especially in Asia and most of the developing world. Recently, the Into film festival was held in UK, which is an annual film festival for education for 5-19 year olds. HeforShe campaigner Emma Watson and Nobel laureate Malala Yousufzai got talking about a documentary(…)


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