Celebrating Scars Studded on Our Bodies: Sophie Mayanne

Sophie Mayanne, a London-based photographer, is challenging the ‘perfect- face’ obsession by documenting scars on people’s body and celebrating beauty without any mask. We as a community of social media users have assumed the pressure of having the perfect profile. Our Instagram has to follow the theme and our skin should have the perfect tan.(…)


Sam Madhu And Her Representation Of The Bold New-Age Brown Women

No denying, all women, at some point in life, have had a tryst with Indian Sanskaar and we know where it pinches. SheThePeople.TV caught up with a New York-based artist Samyukta Madhu aka Sam Madhu (handle sam_madhu) over a candid chat and talked about her artwork that celebrates the intimidating boldness in every new-age woman. Her work represents the modern(…)


Swaraj Trying To Rescue 36-Yr-Old Woman Trafficked To Oman

External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj has again taken the plunge to rescue a 36-year-old Muslim woman after she was trafficked to Oman. In February this year, Rubina Fatima was tricked by a travel agent, who promised her a job in Dubai. He offered her Rs 80,000, for just one month’s work at a wedding. But(…)


Bengaluru Man Held For Filming Women In IT Office Washroom

A man named Parmesh has been identified by the Bengaluru cops for filming women techies using washrooms in an IT company in HAL. The 22-year-old accused, who worked at the food court, had apparently fixed a mobile phone to shoot the women when they went inside the washroom.


Five Takeaways From Melinda Gates’ Essay On Raising A Feminist Son

Feminists across the world are envisioning an egalitarian world where people from all the genders get opportunities to prove their mettle and help the society flourish. The realization of the dream, however, depends on how parents choose to raise their sons. Melinda Gates, philanthropist and wife of Microsoft Founder Bill Gates penned an essay for TIME to(…)


A University Textbook Teaches Students Ways To Conceive A Boy

Do you believe that Nature doesn’t distinguish between boys and girls? And human beings have no control over the gender of their unborn baby? A University textbook of Ayurveda, however, defies nature’s laws and shares with the readers a recipe for having a son. A Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) Textbook which is(…)


5 Fiercely Feminist Protagonists in Tagore’s Works

Very few Indian authors had the ability to influence the opinions of readers the way Rabindranath Tagore’s works did. Interestingly, Rabindranath Tagore was as young as six when he started writing. It was his acumen in writing that led him to become the first Indian-and the first Asian-to win the prestigious Nobel Prize for “Gitanjali”.(…)


Harshit and Chintan are Striving for Gender Equality in their own ways

It is not easy to promote feminism in a country that is so deeply rooted in patriarchy. Women, asking for their rights, are either admonished or advised to follow the suit rather than questioning the status quo. But what about the men who stand up for equal rights for both the sexes? Men get ridiculed(…)


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