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Meet 30 Women Who Champion Feminism on Social Media

Social media can be used as a tool of accountability and has given voices to countless around the world. Here are thirty women who use social media as a means to champion feminism. Their voices are angry, determined and resilient, and will inspire you to participate in the larger debate and conversation. Don’t follow them(…)


Why Marriage Is No Longer Important For The Urban Independent Woman​?

If you ask me, I can give you plenty of reasons to NOT get married! And that’s because we want to empower ourselves. Not so long ago, women were ready to “sacrifice” their ambitions to get married to the “prince charming” that they dreamt of their whole life. But that’s not the case now. Today’s(…)


Did feminism have an impact on good marriages? Asks Kiran Manral

Back in the 1960s when Betty Friedan wrote that seminal book, The Feminine Mystique, she set a butterfly into the ethers of gender politics, one which would eventually cause a cyclone later. Many believed that this book was to blame for the sudden spike in dissatisfaction amongst the middle class married woman at the time,(…)


Has feminism failed mothers who want to just mother? By Kiran Manral

When I got married over a couple of decades ago, I didn’t think of marriage as a necessary precursor to motherhood. Twenty years later, I still don’t. It took eight years for the biological clock to begin clanging furiously about the need to reproduce and contribute my mite to the global genetic pool. But once(…)


Women’s March: Why have we made India so unsafe asks Meghna Pant

We kick-started Feminist Rani with a bang this year. After the ghastly incidents of sexual molestation, eve-teasing and rape of women in Bangalore, Bihar and across India, we decided to address the issue of women in public spaces with a stellar line-up of speakers. Women’s safety is a major concern among many other issues in(…)


SheThePeople List Of The Most Badass Women of 2016

These women will say what they want, when they want, no matter the repercussions, and nobody can stop them. Here are the fierce women who won our hearts this year. Rana Ayyub- After getting rejected from publishers who were to afraid to publish her book due to political repercussions, the 32 year old self-published her(…)


Wonder Woman: Kickstarting a column by journalist Abha Bakaya

I’m a different sort of feminist. I’m the kind that likes a man to be a gentleman but also the kind that’s fiercely independent. I’m happy to let a man buy me dinner but that in no way implies I can’t actually pay for it myself. While I love my career and thrive on success,(…)


Feminist Rani: Women In Politics

By Meghna Pant Rogues, criminals, scandalmongers and corrupt; politicians in India rarely enjoy a stellar reputation. Therefore it’s a breath of fresh air to see young, cosmopolitan, educated and driven politicians, that too women, step into the forefront in recent years. At November’s Feminist Rani we invited one of India’s most well-known political commentators: Priyanka(…)


Men debate feminism: Choice is the cornerstone of gender equality

A most angry and animated discussion on why men should be part of feminism featured author Anil Dharker, Parmesh Shahani of Godrej Culture Lab and comedian Sorabh Pant. Dharker’s comments on why women showoff skin over talent has the audience booing him for making assumptions about talent, and for questioning why women must or must(…)


The Feminist Conf. by SheThePeople.TV is here

Feminists of the country, unite! Welcome to India’s first concerted effort to engage, empower and elevate conversations on the subject of Feminism. We are looking to expand the conversations beyond the usual circles, to engage young artists, thinkers, creators, young makers and entrepreneurs, actors and writers. The Feminist Conference, presented by SheThePeople.TV and empowered by(…)


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