France Bans Ultra Skinny Fashion Models

A new legislation has come into effect in France that bans the use of unhealthily thin fashion models. Models now will have to provide a doctor’s certificate attesting their overall health with special regard to BMI (Body Mass Index) – a ratio of weight in relation to height. This new regulation is aimed at fight(…)


7 Great Jobs without a 9 to 5 Schedule

We would be lying if we said we love 9 to 5  desk jobs. Yes, it helps us to pay the bills and bring food to the table, but it also kills us with monotony. However, few people actually dare to think out of the box and convert their passion into a profession. Here, we(…)


First Transgender Model Features On Vogue Cover

The transgender community, which has long been overlooked, is set to enormously transform the fashion world. French Vogue’s March cover features a transgender model for the first time in the magazine’s 97-year history.


Kate Middleton: Rewind To Her Best Moments On Her Birthday

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has managed to gather fans all over the globe. Her classy demeanour, intellect, and personality does not leaves one in awe of her. The famous Royal Wedding in 2011, which was telecast even on DoorDarshan here in India, was a talking matter for days and months around the world.(…)


Make up can be an empowering tool for young women

Make up is a shield for some to hide their insecurities behind. It sometimes even makes them confident. It’s not anti-feminist. It’s infact empowering. Just a little bit of eyeliner can make you feel fierce and in control of your surroundings, red lipstick makes you feel that you are on the top of the world(…)


StartUp with Priya Sachdev: 5 mantras to help you win

The competitive world of business is ever-changing. The bridge between a startup and an established business is about a great deal of hard work, a deep-seated vision, a few years and impeccable timing. When we started RockNShop in early 2014, we had a long to-do list to put things in place. From becoming India’s first online(…)


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