Being A Woman Entrepreneur In India

 ‘Start up’- It’s that one thing that has taken the world by storm. An interesting fact about start-ups is that they are dynamic and not restricted to any one field. In this day and age, when people want security and aren’t open to risks, being an entrepreneur is one gutsy move. Unfortunately, women entrepreneurs are(…)


Meet Pallavi Singh Who Teaches Hindi To Foreigners

Pallavi Singh from Mumbai makes a living out of teaching Hindi as a foreign language to expats and foreigners living in India. She spoke to SheThePeople.Tv about her inclination towards the language and the pedagogy she adopts to make her lessons interesting. She has done two Bachelors in Engineering and Psychology. “I have a diploma(…)


Men Rule The World, Says Sheryl Sandberg: Bizwomen Give Their Take

Sheryl Sandburg, Chief Operating Officer at Facebook, believes that despite bringing more and more women in the workforce, men still rule the world. A lot of reasons can be attributed for the same. Lack of support from families, insensitivity towards women’s problems and harassment at workplaces are all deterrents that thwart a career woman’s growth.(…)


11 Tips To Start A Successful Business

SheThePeople interacts with entrepreneurs from across India all the time through its various events and shows. These interactions have given us insights into these wonderful women’s lives. We get a firsthand account of their journeys and hardships they face. Interaction with over 250 women for this piece, and we have come to conclude that there(…)


Why entrepreneurship is a woman’s biggest tool for empowerment

Women entrepreneurship development is the biggest instrument of women empowerment says Swati Bhargava – Co-founder, CashKaro.com Empowerment leads to self-fulfilment and women become aware of where they are going, what their position is in the society and their status. Entrepreneurship not only brings economic stability but also empowers women in more ways. Any development strategy will(…)


Women Writers’ Fest: Where Are The Missing Women?

Where are the women? We have often asked that question and wondered about the reasons behind this. This was the subject of the panel that kicked off the Women Writers’ Fest by SheThePeople.TV and Vedica Scholars in New Delhi.


How to Deal With the Emotional Challenges of Being an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur looks more glamorous than it actually is. With the perks of owning your own company comes major responsibility. The ups and downs of your business affect not only you, but also how many ever people you employ and you investors. So what are the emotional challenges you will face as an entrepreneur(…)


Working with Millennials

A few days ago I spoke at the Mumbai Global Shapers event on Youth Culture and Being a Millennial in Young India. It sparked interesting conversations, especially given that most of us who are not Millennials but are their employers, colleagues and parents are struggling to understand them and channel their energies. Millennials is a(…)


Startup FAQs answered by those who have started up and learnt the hard way

When you have a startup idea in mind, talking to entrepreneurs who have already set up their firms gives you perspective and vision. Not everyone’s startup mantra is same and these variations are what help startups grow. Here’s a compilation of startup FAQs based on advice from several women entrepreneurs. I’m supposed to have ‘a(…)


Making Co-Working Their Core: Vandita Purohit & Sunanda Verma, The Daftar

companies of today have adapted by functioning out of “Co-Working” spaces — in which they share their work floor with individual/small size startups. The Daftar in Pune is one such space started by two very entrepreneurial women who want to foster creative thinking and innovation by bringing like-minded people together! Meet Vandita and Sunanda, the ladies behind this beautiful enterprise.


How An IIM Grad Started Indofash, Inspired by Artisans

A start-up showcasing traditional Indian designs online is the brainchild of Pallavi Mohadikar. An IIM-Lucknow alumnus, Pallavi started Indofash eight months ago to offer a wide range of Indian textile products to online fashion buyers. The 24-year-old, who started with a team of five, has provided weavers and artisans a new platform to showcase their products. Also Read:(…)


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