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Worth of a woman in India by Elsamarie DSilva

Earlier this month, Manjula Devak, a 28-year-old civil engineer PhD research scholar at the prestigious India Institute of Technology (IIT) was found dead; it is believed she committed suicide. Last year in September she attempted to take her life but failed. No case was registered at the time by the police who claimed she was(…)


Is your work environment a hostile one for women?

Uber, one of the most valuable private companies in the world, has made headline news recently. Following a sexual harassment complaint by a former female employee, former US Attorney General Eric Holder conducted an internal investigation of the company. The newly released findings showed that the work culture at Uber is highly toxic and prone(…)


Why every parent must watch 13 Reasons Why

If you are a parent, especially a parent of tweens and teens, I sincerely recommend you watch the series “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix. I recently watched it on the recommendation of a friend and was gripped for all 13 episodes. As a person who works on sexual violence prevention, it was fascinating to watch(…)


The Vital Voices Mentoring Walk empowers young women to think out of the box

The Vital Voices Mentoring Walk brought together mentors and mentees in an informal setting to impact new ideas and innovation. It was an educative experience not just for the mentees but also the mentors who got to explore a gamut of new ideas and understand the new thinking emerging amongst entrepreneurs. "Till women aren't treated the(…)


Justice for Nirbhaya

Today is a landmark day because the Supreme Court of India upheld the death penalty for the four accused in the Jyoti Singh gang rape and murder case of December 2012. The accused were appealing the High Court judgement of 2013. The accused may believe they deserve a lesser punishment but not the parents of(…)


Meeting my hero – Hillary R Clinton by Elsamarie DSilva

Over the years I have often been asked, “Who are your role models?”. Unhesitatingly I have always responded with: my mother and Secretary Hillary R. Clinton. I choose my mother for her calm, perseverance and ability to find a solution even in the worst moments. Secretary Clinton resonates with me for her inspirational leadership and(…)


Are you an active bystander?

Recently, a 36 year old cab driver was burned to death in North East Delhi whilst bystanders stood by recording videos and clicking pictures but no one called for help. This is not an isolated incident but something that seems to be recurring phenomena where most people seem to be mere spectators rather than active(…)


Make Social Entrepreneurship Sustainable and Smart Says Elsamarie

In the last few months we have heard of several successful start-ups struggling to stay afloat. These range from taxi aggregators to e-commerce companies to data intelligence ones. Many of these failures are attributed to irrational incentives in the race to win customers as well as mind-boggling salaries to team members, like Flipkart. Thus creating(…)


Women, we need you on the stage at conferences

Where are the women? We need you at more conferences! If the question is how? Then here are eight ways of end the saga of missing women at events. Last year we did a study with SheThePeople on the composition of newsroom panels in the Indian television industry and not surprisingly, over 80% of them(…)


Working with Millennials

A few days ago I spoke at the Mumbai Global Shapers event on Youth Culture and Being a Millennial in Young India. It sparked interesting conversations, especially given that most of us who are not Millennials but are their employers, colleagues and parents are struggling to understand them and channel their energies. Millennials is a(…)


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