Women entrepreneurs applaud Digital Women Awards

Digital Women Awards presented by Axis Bank recognised women in the digital world. These were not just another awards ceremony, but a discovery of brilliance, ambition and achievement. Empower, Engage, Elevate. The 3 words define what we stand for. 60 million women are set to go online to set up businesses and hire more women,(…)


Digital is not just the future, it is our now – Sohini Rajola, Axis

Women are key to value creation in the country says Sohani Rajola, head of digital banking at Axis Bank. “Digital is not just our future but it’s our NOW,” she avers. We have to keep pace with the changing economy and dynamism of our generation that’s embracing the platform. Also Watch: Geetu Verma on growing(…)


Geetu Verma on what it takes to stay in the game

We need to foster and promote platforms that encourage women to learn about how they can do business, startup and get inspired says Geetu Verma Executive Director at Unilever India. Take the plunge and the first steps towards what you believe in she asserts. Progress to her is the gumption to stay in the game.(…)


PM Modi to Mark Zuckerberg: Empower women via Digital India

PM Modi to Mark Zuckerberg: Empower women via Digital India PM Narendra Modi address a townhall at the Facebook headquarters in conversation with #MarkZuckerberg. In his conversation he reflects on many issues about gender equality and is also brought to tears remembering his mother’s sacrifices in raising him in poverty. Here are the highlights of(…)


Celebrating women leaders in the world of Digital & Online

We live in a digital world where right from dating to grocery shopping, everything is done online. Today, one does not have a pet name but surely does have a unique domain name. And being on Facebook validates as an identity proof. India has more than 300 million users in India out of which only(…)


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