Feminist Rani: Using technology to empower women, keep them safe

Feminist Rani put the spotlight on women’s safety in public spaces at its December edition. For women to become leaders in society and contribute meaningfully to the economy, safety is an issue that must be addressed. Three firebrand women were at the centre of this discussion: Trisha Shetty of SheSays, Indira Chandrashekhar of Mapping Sexual(…)


Celebrating Women Leaders in Digital

These awards recognise talent, entrepreneurship, innovation and creation among women in the digital sphere. The internet and app universe is ushering in a new era of progress, and is giving a foundation to digitized India. From new opportunities, startup blood is marshaling our new way of life, even the Internet of Everything. These awards are for(…)


My mom’s sacrifices have brought me where I am: Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spent a large part of his townhall at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park talking about women empowerment and later personalised his talk with a leaf from his own story. Modi is moved to tears while talking about the struggles of his mother while raising him: “My parents took a lot of pain(…)


PM Modi to Mark Zuckerberg: Empower women via Digital India

PM Modi to Mark Zuckerberg: Empower women via Digital India PM Narendra Modi address a townhall at the Facebook headquarters in conversation with #MarkZuckerberg. In his conversation he reflects on many issues about gender equality and is also brought to tears remembering his mother’s sacrifices in raising him in poverty. Here are the highlights of(…)


How Digital India Could be the Next Phase of Women’s Liberation

Blog by Binjal Shah   PM Modi  inaugurated his Digital India initiative- an umbrella project proposing to take a massive bulk of operations in the country online and be a “digitally empowered knowledge economy”, to facilitate better, smoother and quicker co-ordination amongst its various agencies. And the entire country can use this model to wingman(…)


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