Cyber Bullying

Study Shows 40% Pakistani Women Have Been Stalked Online

The internet, although has been a boon to humankind, comes with its own cons. One of them is cyber harassment. More often than not, women are victims of cyber harassment – and this is especially true is South Asian countries. A recent research conducted by the Digital Rights Foundation in Pakistan made a disturbing discovery. 40%(…)


Monica Lewinsky Speaks Up About Cyber Bullying

Monica Lewinsky faced a lot of harassment after the news about her affair with the then President Bill Clinton. She is now an advocate against the public bullying culture and speaks candidly about it in an interview for Refinery29.  “Having been a poster child for public humiliation, I thought sharing my story might give a(…)


‘Dangal’ Girl Zaira Pens Shocking Apology After Being Trolled

16-year-old Kashmiri actress — Zaira Wasim — has the entire nation talking about her after her commendable performance as the young Geeta Phogat in ‘Dangal’. The Srinagar-based girl who had a pleasant chat with the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Mehboob Mufti, on Saturday, ended up being trolled on social media when their photos from the meeting were circulated(…)


Sania Mirza Harassed Online For Her Attire, Yet Again!!

Ace tennis player Sania Mirza, who is often the target of sexist comments on social media, yet again found herself in an uncalled for situation where she was the target of religious fanatics. The star player always takes on cyber harassment and I can’t argue that we learn so much from her on how to never(…)


Kylie Jenner Wants to Reduce Her Social Media Presence

Reality TV star, and owner of Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner will not be sharing personal posts on her official app anymore, after a post was put up on her app without her approval. a post went up today quoting something that I NEVER EVER said or saw. A very personal post that I would never(…)


Girl Hits Back At Cyber Bully

Taruna Aswani (26), based in the US, recently received two shocking emails from a ‘Kevin John’ who claimed to know her and said that he had access to her private pictures and videos. Taruna bravely stood up to him, by making her plight public on social media via a Facebook post. She mentioned that the(…)


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