crimes against women

UP Govt Proposes Setting Up Fast-Track Courts For Crimes Against Women

The UP government, under Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath, has proposed setting up 100 special fast-track courts in different districts of UP to provide justice to crimes against women. The proposal is pending before the finance department since it requires around Rs 400 crore to be funded. The proposal requires creating an infrastructure and appointing resources(…)


After Serial Rapists’ Arrest, Delhi Police To Analyze Rape Cases

For a few years now, Delhi is considered the rape capital of India. Numbers in the NCRB report show that Delhi stands right at the top of being one of the most unsafe cities in the country. And so the Delhi Police has decided to do a detailed research on the elements causing rapes in(…)


Virat Kohli speaks up against violence against women

Virat Kohli, the famous Indian skipper has taken to social media to express his angst against the mass molestation of Bangalore which happened on New Year’s Eve. Virat posted two videos of him talking about the incident on Twitter. “This country should be safe & equal for all. Women shouldn’t be treated differently. Let’s stand(…)


Cop Kidnapped while Attempting Rescue in Chambal

We live in a country where even women cops are at risk of their lives. A woman sub-inspector was herself kidnapped in Chambal, while attempting to rescue an abducted minor girl. Also read: What Steps Can Be Taken To Keep Women Safe? The hideous incident took place on Tuesday when a group of kidnappers was trying(…)


Nirbhaya Fund Relief Centre Opens In Gurgaon

The National Capital Region (NCR) opened its first One-Stop Crisis Centre under the Nirbhaya Fund, at the Sector 10 government hospital of Gurgaon. Two rooms of the hospital have been named “sakhi” and converted into the OSC Centre, TOI reports. The main purpose of these crisis rooms will be to provide any and all help to victims of(…)


Meet Bhavani Banu, the 13-yr-old Police Chief

Bhavani Banu, a 13-year-old ninth grader was given a glorious moment by NGO Plan International when it gave her the opportunity of taking over as the chief of Musheerabad police station in Hyderabad for a day. Banu was part of 25 girls all over the world who got to helm important posts in governing bodies(…)


Sick statistics: 34,651 rape cases reported in India in 2015

The National Crime Records Bureau report on crime in the country in 2015 revealed that there were at least 34,651 cases of rape across India, with victims ranging in age from under six years old to over 60 years old. From Six to Sixty Year Olds Are Raped The largest number of rape attacks targeted(…)


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