5 Reasons Why Women Stay In Abusive Marriages

Indian families associate a lot of sanctity and pride to marital alliances. The tradition of giving away one’s daughter to the groom’s family is observed as one of the most important duties of the parents. The onset of adolescence in an Indian girl is marked by parents striving hard to paint a rosy picture of(…)


Cracking Social Media with 4 Easy Hacks With Monica Jasuja

Social Media is an imperative to our existence: We spend upwards of a few hours on it (Depending on your digital addiction levels), we discuss over dinner and coffee what transpired in conversations on it, we exhibit behaviors to conform to social media (food pics before eating, selfies before activities etc.).   In a digitally(…)


In pursuit of that elusive ingredient called ‘confidence’

I received an overwhelming response to the inaugural column of GROW on SheThePeople.TV – thank you all so much.  I also received a number of questions, the most common being, ‘How do I develop the confidence to do the things I want to do? I seem to have lost it…’  So this column is dedicated(…)


How confidence beats any scorecard in the ladder to success

Confidence is the key. If you are confident there is nothing you can’t achieve. People dress well in order to look good and impress the people around you. That’s confidence for some. For others it’s about achievement. For many its about a combination of the two. Whatever it is, confidence is anyone’s biggest asset. Much(…)


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