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Mallika Dua’s Tongue In Cheek Video On Women’s Safety

‘We are asking for it after marriage, before marriage, in buses, at concerts, clubs.’– Comedienne Mallika Dua used these words recently on an Instagram video to convey a serious message – How do Indians define women’s safety in the country? Famous for her viral ‘Makeup didi’ Instagram videos, Dua reached out to those absurd-minded who(…)


Anushka, Malaika Lash Out At Bengaluru’s #NewYearHorror

Since the day Bangalore’s #NewYearHorror caught national headlines, social media platforms have been abuzz with people sharing their own or similar stories of sexual attack, molestation or eve-teasing. Women are angry, as are men (the real men!). Recently, a heated remark came from actress Anushka Sharma who condemned the Bengaluru molestation, asking in a Twitter post “why did(…)


Protest Still On. Celebs React To Bangalore’s #NewYearHorror

Since the day Bangalore witnessed the horrific New Year’s Eve mass molestation event, many celebrities have taken to social media to shame the authority’s lack of safety measures.  And when Karnataka’s Home Minister G Parameswara blamed women for their ‘westernized lifestyle,’ the whole nation burst out in rage. “These kinds of things happen,” he said. Meanwhile, another shocking(…)


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