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Networking on our own terms: Author Milan Vohra’s hard lessons

Networking on our own terms: Milan Vohra learnt it the hard way when she nearing learnt bridge to ‘party’ with the boys. Vohra realised she was getting away from herself trying to be ‘others.’ Why do women have to be rambo at work? Why can’t they just simply network at their own terms? Vohra, a(…)


Why working from home can be a trigger for empowerment in India

India has seen an astronomical growth in the field of education in the last two decades and this means crores of educated young Indians. It is a humongous workforce. Unfortunately only a fraction of this vast educated population gets stable jobs. The situation is grimmer in case of women population. Very few of educated or(…)


Women are worth it but they sometimes need to be reminded of that

Women often need a refresher course in what they are worth. Sometimes they just become so self critical that women forget what their achievements are worth and how they are truly doing transformational work  says Sukanya Dutta Roy, who is driving the business for Swarovski in India as its consumer business head. Dutta Roy was(…)


Dealing with workplace discrimination: Leadership Coach Aparna Jain

Bias often becomes discrimination because people are brought up thinking a certain way about women in our society says Aparna Jain on Power Breakfast. “Using data” can help crack some stereotypes around women. She reflects on the challenges women face today and how reinventing the culture of an organisation can go a long way in(…)


A refresher course in self-belief: Parul Ohri on women at work

Parul Ohri says efforts like Power Breakfast are a good refresher course for women because they remind them of what they are worth. The Editor of, she attends such engaging events in a bid to learn and know of what other women are experiencing in their journey towards balancing work and family. Power Breakfast(…)


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