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Founder of Eclectic Northeast, Tanushree Hazarika is Addicted to Change

“I am addicted to change,” says Tanushree Hazarika who runs the English magazine Eclectic Northeast that covers all eight states in the region, has a circulation of 62000 and readership of over 300,000. A business management graduate from Boston University, Hazarika previously worked in MNCs like Fidelity and Morgan Stanley in the US and then(…)


Internet and entrepreneurship go hand in hand for these women from Chandigarh

When internet and entrepreneurship are two buzz words, staying connected becomes important in growing your business online. How to grow your business online? What should be the tags to use to attract more people to your business page on Facebook and other social media websites? To talk about all such questions and more SheThePeople in(…)


Women in Lucknow meet up for Boost Your Business With SheThePeople

Facebook, after successfully hosting Boost Your Business program in multiple cities in collaboration with SheThePeople.TV reached Lucknow, their seventh city in India for this noble initiative. THE BOOST YOUR BUSINESS PROGRAM The Boost Your Business program, a high energy meet of women entrepreneurs, helps women entrepreneurs to gain expertise in various fields that can benefit(…)


Boost Your Business In Jaipur: SheThePeople-Facebook Roadshow

Women entrepreneurs from Jaipur discussed building a brand on social media and turning influencers. Entrepreneurs, designers, startup owners, authors and social media enthusiasts together reflected on what social media in general and Facebook in particular is doing to their businesses and how they could leverage it even more to further business. Organised by SheThePeople.TV and(…)


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