5 Instances Of Indian Textbooks Promoting Blatant Sexism

If you thought that sexism existed only at workplaces or public spheres, it is time to get your facts correct. Indian textbooks that are meant to sensitize students about issues that plague the country are promoting blatant sexism unabashedly. Read on to know 5 such instances that make us wonder the kind of education we(…)


Women Writers Fest: 15-Year-Old Zuni Chopra Shares Her Insights As A Writer

India’s coveted list of Indian female authors has another name added to it. This time, it is a 15-year-old girl. Zuni Chopra, author of The House That Spoke, discussed about her journey as a writer at the Women’s Writers Fest held recently in Mumbai. Zuni started her writing journey with a book of poetry. Talking(…)


Books That Are A Must-Read For Budding Entrepreneurs

India is living the startup life these days. And while the competition gets tight, we bring to you some books that have tips to give you an edge over the others. That’s right, here are some recommended books for entrepreneurs who need just a little help in honing their skills to get a broader understanding(…)


Padma Lakshmi: On Personal Memoir Love, Loss And What We Ate

Padma Lakshmi has said on record more than once that she’s a feminist and … unlikely to be able to be friends with anyone who isn’t. I got a chance to meet her for a quick interview today and to moderate a Facebook Live with her for her publisher HarperCollins India — and she laughs when(…)


Yoga Helped Me Find Myself as a Writer: Ira Trivedi

Ira Trivedi is one India’s best loved authors. I became addicted to her books after reading There’s No Love on Wall Street which is about a young woman discovering just how misogynistic and cut-throat the seemingly glossy world of investment banking can be. Trivedi is multi-talented. She is an alumnus of Columbia Business School, has written(…)


5 Women Tell Us Their Fave Feminist Read Of All Time

Books are vital in anyone’s life, as important as windows, they say. It is even more important to read good books, a book which will make us intellectually sound and can help us do away with our ignorance. I remember the time when I picked up ‘Jane Eyre’ during my school days. A friend had(…)


‘I Am a Troll’ Makes Waves: Author Swati Chaturvedi in Conversation

Senior journalist Swati Chaturvedi has been in the spotlight for her new book ‘I Am A Troll’ that promises to lift the veil off social media campaign of political parties. There have been headlines and controversies, based mainly on the statements made by a “reformed” troll who claims to have been working at the BJP(…)


Shilpa Shetty Gets Trolled For Misunderstanding George Orwell’s Animal Farm

It’s never too late to learn. Even after you are trolled. Shilpa Shetty Kundra trended on Twitter today because she quoted as saying that George Orwell’s dystopian novella Animal Farm educates kids how to love and care for animals. A journalist sought Shetty’s reaction to the news that Harry Potter would be included in the English Literature(…)


Kavita Kane Tells Stories of Unsung Women from Mythology

Was Surpanakha a vamp or a victim? Was she a woman more hated than hateful? Indian author Kavita Kane delves into the infamous character of Surpanakha from the Hindu epic Ramayana. The best-selling author is famous for writing on lesser-known female characters from the Indian mythology as her collection of written books include Karna’s Wife,(…)


Meet Yashodhara Lal: Writer, Mother, Corporate Executive

Meet Yashodhara Lal — vice-president at Genpact, mother of three kids, a zumba instructor and an author, with not one, but two books out this November! Her newest novel ‘When Love Finds You’ is on pre-order now, while her first children’s book Peanut Has a Plan is also out this month.  Yashodhara talks to SheThePeople.TV about her new(…)


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