MentorForHer: Guiding Women Who Want To Get Back To Work

The MentorForHer program was held in Bangalore to help women who have taken career breaks and also to put them in touch with industry experts who could guide, mentor and build confidence in them to return to work. It was attended by almost 50 participants and 11 mentors. Each participant got to spend time with(…)


Keeping Alive Karnataka’s Unique Dance Form Yakshagana, Meet Sharvani

Here’s a dance you may have not known about. Just like Kathakali represents Kerala, Yakshagana is a dance that represents Karnataka. It is a unique traditional form of theatre that combines dance, drama, dialogue, music, make up and more. Yakshagana tells stories of Mahabharata and Ramayana and the dance typically begins in the twilight hours.(…)


Bengaluru Woman Shoots Husband Thrice After Fight

A domestic spat that led to a woman shooting her husband has shocked the people of Bangalore. The woman allegedly shot her husband three times in their car around 5 pm on Friday at Hosur Road, reportedly following a fight. The couple was returning from a road trip from Tamil Nadu in their SUV when an(…)


Bengaluru Safety App: How Likely Are The City’s Women to Download It?

The Bengaluru city police have launched a safety app for women – temporarily named SOS App Bangalore Police. This is meant to provide with immediate help to women when in dire situation. Why the delay in launching a city-based safety app? The SOS has already got over thousand downloads on Google Play Store even before the official(…)


How An All-Women Fundraising Team Is Working To Strengthen The Arts

India Foundation for the Arts (IFA), a non-profit platform that promotes arts and culture, has been in the field for over two decades. With an all-women fundraising team, IFA today is a force to reckon with. SheThePeople.TV spoke to IFA’s executive director Arundhati Ghosh, an internationally recognised professional in arts and organised philanthropy, on how the journey’s been like.


Conductor Slaps Woman In Bengaluru Bus For Demanding Small Change

An evening out with her 3-year-old granddaughter turned into a nightmare for 41-year-old Lakshmi Renukesh, a resident of Kirloskar Layout, Bengaluru, last week. Instead of having an enjoyable bus ride, Renukesh had the worst experience of her life — ending up getting assaulted by the conductor when she asked for change for the ticket money.


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