anuranjita kumar

Power Breakfast in Mumbai with Ameera Shah & Anuranjita Kumar

The current social order is highly governed by economic relations. These relations have been driven by capitalism, ever since the Industrial Revolution. The revolution might have allowed women to step out in the public sphere and take charge of their lives, but there are still a lot of issues that patriarchy has perpetrated in these(…)


Leadership is about diversity: Anuranjita Kumar

Diversity as an idea is well beyond just gender diversity and includes generational diversity, regional diversity and much more. Citibank’s Anuranjita Kumar talks about how diversity is core to building organisations in her book Can I Have It All. Here’s an excerpt from the same.


Three bankers, three inspirational mantras

They have build careers, reached the top in their businesses, chosen to collaborate over compete and inspired the next generation of women to work. Meet Naina Lal Kidwai of HSBC, Kalpana Morparia of JPMorgan and Anuranjita Kumar of Citibank. Get three valuable lessons on succeeding.


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