Vibrant and bold. This is no Olive branch.


Vibrant and bold. Like our travels, we journeyed through the history of food. At the centre of gourmet and the gourmand lies the pit, the olive and its whole. At every shore, our palette experienced something new with many flavours of life – spicy, pungent, bitter, sweet. I wanted to explore it all, given that they say world largest olive oil production is from Spain. For most, its the elixir of indulgence, of embellish to the best foods.


In our ongoing series She Loves Travels, Radhika Sharma makes olive oil boutique a ‘pit’ stop.


She Loves Travels: Free-spirited, solo & fun at Montjuic

She Loves Travels: Our solo-travel series is a most exciting journey of our presenter Radhika Sharma through the beautiful land of Spain. Not only is the country safe for women but also believes in the power of independent women. She travels through Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid and more but at the heart of it is how her time is best spent at the most easy-going public places. Montjuic is one of them. Free-spirited, fun and open. No shopping, no eating, no rushing but just a lovely outdoor evening. With others. Or simply by yourself.


She Loves Travels: Explore with foods

Food is central to many journeys. In fact, its often our only loyal companion. We travel with taste, flavour, grains and spices. It’s a liberator of pretence and the labour of love. Radhika Sharma’s journey through Spain got her behind the kitchen for some excellent Paella. And for those of you who thought the rice-like recipe is what’s called Paella, well here’s a quick lesson.

She Loves Travels: Our New Series


Solo travel can be the ultimate in self-indulgence. It’s a bit like a re-start. It’s also a new opportunity to know yourself better and meet new people. You can rest when you want and pack it up when you are feeling ambitious. Every new scenery becomes your canvas, every experience gives you new life and every new conversation brings colour to your expedition.


Tourism Spain and Matrix present this special series of She Loves Travels. Radhika Sharma soaks in the freedom, indulges in the free-spiritedness and pours it on when she is ready for all-rolled-into-one.

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