Digital entrepreneurship chose me, not the other way round

Digital entrepreneurship chose me, not the other way round says Priyanka Purkayastha of Writer’s Melon, a venture that aims to help people discover books. She is aiming to be the ‘Good Reads’ from India and admitting it’s a tall ambition to follow but then that’s what goals are about. “Challenge for me was to sustain(…)


Is Bollywood scared of feminism?

Is India’s film industry scared of the word Feminism? Do we give too much attention to what and how our stars think? Are they really feminists if the industry is yet debating gender pay gap? Or where women surge and grow basis the choice of the Khans?  Recently Lisa Haydon who played a bold role in(…)


Kalpana resisted the pardah system to take to entrepreneurship, read her story

For this entrepreneur in Lucknow the Pardah system was the biggest hindrance. She married really young and her family was traditional, carrying further the legacy of the nawabs. But Kalpana was determined to find a vocation outside of being mom and staying at home. She says she had to work on her in-laws who now(…)


Do women need a tailored MBA Program?

Anuradha Das Mathur is the founding dean of The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women, what she calls an MBA ++ program for women. Also selected as a Yale World Fellow this year, she talks to Amrita Tripathi about her own entrepreneurial journey, and why she thinks it’s critical to equip young women joining the work(…)


Ananya Birla dreams of building bank with her entrepreneurial venture Svatantra

With a loan book of over 500 crore rupees, Ananya Birla runs India’s 3rd fastest growing micro-finance outfit called Svatantra. At 21, she is driven, ambition and edgy. Every other week she is in another village, understanding how her clients (read small, unorganised, often self-help groups and many times women) are utilising their funds. Ananya(…)


Social Entrepreneur Sujata Sahu works in the remotest villages of Ladakh

She runs 17 Thousand Feet, an organisation to help people in high altitude villages of Ladakh. In this crisp video for StartUp Expo she picks four ‘check-boxes’ you need to tick before becoming a social entrepreneur. Know your calling, know what’s your drive she asserts. Social Entrepreneur Sujata Sahu works in the remotest villages of(…)


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