Is raising funds hard for women? Or is it a myth? 5 female founders thrash it out for us

One, two, three…you’re ready to set up your own business. You have finally charted out your plan and your passion will take some real shape. But does funding that idea become a stumbling block? And do women face any unique challenges while seeking funds? Asking for money  feels uncomfortable? Or getting it is harder? While(…)


KrantiKālī is bringing new ideas to the dialogue on feminism

Rachel Bali is the 23 year old founder of a social start-up, KrantiKālī, that aims to bring about a gender revolution in India, no less. Bali is passionate about gender equity, and tells SheThePeople.TV about being called a feminist before she even understood the definition… as well as her journey with KrantiKālī, and how it(…)


Digital entrepreneurship chose me, not the other way round

Digital entrepreneurship chose me, not the other way round says Priyanka Purkayastha of Writer’s Melon, a venture that aims to help people discover books. She is aiming to be the ‘Good Reads’ from India and admitting it’s a tall ambition to follow but then that’s what goals are about. “Challenge for me was to sustain(…)


Is our understanding of empowerment & success a bit warped?

Our perceived sense of empowerment and our vocabulary of success may be warped says Gayatri Jayaraman at the June edition of Feminist Rani, a SheThePeople concept and effort to bring contemporary views on feminism and increase dialogue on the subject. Register for Feminist Rani Gayatri breaks the myth that women who are rural, empowered and(…)


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