Meet Ravinder Singh: From love stories to being feminist

Ravinder Singh is the best-selling author of five novels, starting with ‘I Too Had A Love Story’ — a heart-breaking tale he wrote in the aftermath of losing his girlfriend in a car crash. He talks to Amrita Tripathi for SheThePeople.TV about his incredible journey — from being rejected by publishers outright, to scripting his own success.(…)


Ankhi Das of Facebook says it’s time we change our values to fix gender bias

She shatters any assumptions about why many women in deeper India stay off the internet…not because of safety issues, not because they want to stay offline, and definitely not because they are shy. Ankhi Das of Facebook says we need to start putting women ahead when it comes to sharing resources and giving them access(…)


She wants to hear your stories: Meet Koral Dasgupta

Koral Dasgupta wants to hear your stories. An author herself, she is calling people to share their fiction and non-fiction stories. Her latest initiative, #TellMeYourStory, a storytelling platforms that invites contributions from anyone who has something to say, not only aims to encourage storytelling, but also is a ambitious attempt to get people reading small(…)


She’s Building India: Anu Acharya finds poetry in science with MapMyGenome

Anu Acharya finds poetry in science. She is a mascot of women in STEM and has made her mark in entrepreneurship with gene mapping, an effort that allows people to understand their health better by knowing their genes. With MapMyGenome, a molecular diagnostics company Acharya is building India with science and genomics. Founded in 2011,(…)


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