Crisis relief and Twitter go a long way

Nithya Moorthy of @InCrisisRelief talks of how Twitter helped her connect people, aid and solutions during crises across India. With examples of J&K Floods, situations in North East to how disaster management can get online (and later offline) support from social media, Nithya reflects on her Twitter story.


Growth & branding hacks for startups with 6 influencers

StartUps chasing growth capital should listen in. What does it take an idea from inception to ignition? How can social media transform that journey? Learn what you might have missed from five influencers who know tech, consumers and social media. Kishi Arora of Foodaholics, Alex Schlaubitz of Lufthansa, Anupam Dixit of Twitter, Author Amrita Tripathi,(…)


Trial and Error: It’s a steep learning curve for startups says Namrata Bostrom

Hit and try and then try again. The learning curve in startups is steep and fast paced says Namrata Bostrom, co-founder of PopXo. In a chat with SheThePeople.TV’s Amrita Tripathi, Bostrom talks of the early days at setting up PopXo and finding their real market. PopXo originally started as a blog with another name and(…)


Identify your deterrents as a female founder says owner of travel firm

Find your calling and get to work she says. Meet Keya Khavte of Le Escapades Boutique Travel Company who runs an enterprise out of home. She says being a work from home entrepreneur is empowering because it lets your spend quality time on priorities you choose. Khavte insists that inspiration from others goes a long(…)


Karunya’s aviation journey & why women should take to the skies

Karunya is among India’s most successful women pilots. 35000 ft above, beautiful skies are her home. SheThePeople’s Poorvi Gupta caught up with her at the IndiGo training centre in Gurgaon to talk to her about her journey. India has the most percentage of female pilots in the world according to global ranking. It stands at(…)


25 years of women in journalism with Sagarika Ghose

Senior Journalist Sagarika Ghose has seen some of the best years in journalism and some of its worst for women reporters. Gender bias at work, male bosses, ‘lady-like’ stories handed to women and features made the bastion of the female reporter – it was a sexist mix. Today things have progressed a lot for women(…)


Her Udaan: How CID Inspector Asha Korke dealt with bias to shine on

Asha Korke was inspired by the 1980s TV serial Udaan where a female police officer takes the lead and breaks gender stereotypes of India’s police force. Korke wanted to be Kavita Choudhary, the protagonist. She told her father who supported her dream and turned it into a mission. Today she is Senior Inspector with the Crime Branch(…)


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