Work hard, party hard: Sukanya Dutta Roy on being a go-getter

Sukanya Dutta Roy of Swarovski India shares what drives her success. Reflecting on her career, her challenges and ambitions, the CEO of the company says nothing in life is possible without having fun, not even success at the workplace. A workaholic herself, she has juggled work life and home for years and says it’s a(…)


Why Am I A Feminist – Namrata Bostrom of PopXO

“I identify with being a feminist but I really think the definitions need to change a bit. We need to know that it’s much more about equal voice. It’s also about acknowledging biases,” says Namrata Bostrom of PopXO. In our ongoing series Why AM I A Feminist we explore the new conversation around the notion(…)


Girlyapaa’s Video Wants To Get You Talking About Marital Rape

Marital rape, a subject that is taboo in discussions even in the modern age. Shocking we don’t have a law on this. And politicians just love ignoring this, making the resolve to get in even higher. With the recent cases in the country dealing with rape, it sure is being talked about- but marital rape(…)


Beating cancer with an artist’s brush: Meet Alka Agarwala

She has a way with paints and brushes. They hear her. They inspire her. Block printing in her backyard, playing with different kinds of loom and fabric – a typical day at Alka Agarwala’s home would be one where colour would chase her afternoon. A spiral staircase up her modest office, nestled in the back(…)


The woman behind Shikha Sharma is a tech savvy leader with an eye on goals

Meet Axis Bank’s CEO Shikha Sharma. She is one of India’s most spectacular women leaders and has been a part of the country’s banking growth story. Sharma is driven by technology, addicted to new ideas and passionate about letting young leaders lead. Soft spoken Sharma is a woman with her eyes set on goals. Her(…)


Exploring secrets of grape-lands: Meet wine educator Sonal Holland

It’s all red and white to us but she knows the right notes. Meet Sonal Holland, wine educator and curator who is a recipient of the prestigious Digital Women Award. She started out in a quest to know more about wines at a time when no one thought India would consume anything but Black Label(…)


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