• Plug into social communities if you want to rise: Vandana Saxena Poria

    Social communities can a go a long way in supporting women at work says Vandana Saxena Poria who founded Get Through Guides, which is content research and creation that develops and publishes materials for professional qualifications in the banking and finance sector. Poria was born and brought up in the UK and is of Indian heritage. She qualified as a Chartered Accountant and then spent 10 years living across countries in Central and Eastern Europe, before moving to Pune in India in 2006.

    Poria asserts the need for networking, something that’s often mistaken for being the domain of men. “We are infact better at it,” she says. In a crisp two minutes, Poria reflects on what have been valuable lessons for her – searching for the secret of failure rather than the secrets of success.

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