Officer first, woman second: Wing Commander Pooja Thakur

First we are officers, then women says Wing Commander Pooja Thakur who led the Guard of Honour today for President Barack Obama at Rashtrapati Bhawan. She became the first female officer of the Air Force who led the Guard of Honour. Thakur’s moment of pride came as ‘nari shakti’ (woman power) is the theme for(…)


Percentage of women in managerial position increases, says study

As the awareness for the rising need of women participation in business increases, there has been a visible increase in women participation around the world. According to a report by International Labour Organization, women in business and management are gaining momentum. The report states that female bosses are more common in before in different countries(…)


Saudi Arabia watches first film on a woman, by a woman

In a land that is still a kingdom, that is as skeptical about films as it about letting their women watch films, let alone make them, Haifaa al-Mansour attempted a fatal feat, for the love of art and freedom. Saudi’s first ever woman film-maker, director of award-winning “Wadjda,” a story about a school-girl who just wants to ride a bike.


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