“Never give up without putting in your best. ” Chandra Gopalan

Chandra Gopalan, Director of Contours India, biggest chain of women’s gyms in the country, quit her job as regional manager of Swiss Air to pursue her passion as her profession. Chandra is the first senior woman to complete the 100 kilometres and a 24-hour run on the Bangalore Ultra. She loves running, it is a way of life(…)


Gender Bias and the Varsity Theatre Societies

College is not just about getting a degree, but also working on your passions and hobbies at a more professional level. Collegiate extracurricular groups give a foundation for actors and dancers to grow and see what the professional world looks like. However, it is not all rosy; there is struggle and competition where people are(…)


12-Year-Old Mormon Girl Comes Out To Church Congregation

A 12-year-old Mormon girl, Savannah, recently came out to the members of her church. Savannah came out to her parents a day after her birthday on June 22nd of last year. Her parents and her friends had learnt to accept her, and Savannah decided that she wanted to come out to her community as well.(…)


Mumbai Univ BA English Course To Include New Authors’ Works

Students pursuing BA English course in Mumbai University will now get a chance to study works of new authors. The change has been made to help students enhance their knowledge by studying a diversity of cultures and perspectives. The new authors will be a part of Indian Writing and American Writing papers which are worth 100(…)


Overall Well-Being Of Millennial Women Is Declining, Study Reveals

A new study by the Population Reference Bureau (a nonprofit that looks at population and other development issues) in the United States found that young American women, namely millennials, are poorer than their mothers and grandmothers and their well-being is declining. The study revealed that these women were more likely to face mental health issues, and(…)


Nidhi Agarwal on What Makes Her Father A Champion of Her Fearlessness

As part of the Father’s Day series #TaughtByDad, we bring you a lovely, heart felt piece by Nidhi Agarwal, Founder of Kaaryah. She reflects on what makes him her biggest safety net, her unconditional friend and a champion of her fearless self. For most women, the very first impression of a “man” is that of(…)


Delhi Buses To Soon Have CCTV Cameras

The much-awaited step proposed by the Maneka Gandhi-led WCD ministry might just see the light of day in the capital city. The Aam Aadmi Party has cleared the proposal to install CCTV cameras in all DTC buses and cluster buses moving in the city to ensure women’s safety. “The cabinet approved the Transport department’s proposal to authorise(…)


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