18 things No One Ever Thought About Women Empowerment Before

This year’s WEF at Davos administered a grilling reality check to the world that we have not been making as much progress in women empowerment as we may have liked. Here are some of the most path breaking quotes from leaders, towards achieving gender parity.


Lt. Cdr. Jayakumar talks about women leading the Navy contingent

  This Republic Day, India saw its women in a new light. With women contingents marching down the Rajpath, and an American President talking about women empowerment; there seems to be some hope for the country. Lt. Cdr. Jayakumar, the Navy contingent leader, agrees. She told IANS, “In India, the perception is that women are(…)


Sachin is the God of Cricket, but who are the Goddesses?

We belong to a country that may be divided by caste and color- but is united by their love for cricket, yet our women cricketers are more celebrated internationally, than here back home. Here are some of the brightest shining stars that our country has given to the world of women Cricket.


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