Hilary Clinton’s mantras to combat sexism

Former Secretary of state and Presidential Candidate against Obama in 2008; Hilary Clinton is one of the most powerful and influential women in the United States. Married to former President of the country, Bill Clinton, she has not just been the ‘First Lady’ and has had an active political career.   With many gender issues(…)


Why we need women at the C-suite level in India

  Having taken a few steps in the direction of progress, a lot of companies now somewhat have a balanced men women ratio at workplaces. However, as you go up the number of women keeps decreasing and less than roughly 5% of all companies have women at top positions.   According to a report by(…)


Top paid female athletes in India

  Women sportspersons have always struggled when it comes to receiving the same fame and fortune as their male counterparts. Especially in developing countries, this problem is more apparent. In most developed countries however, this gap seems to be slowly decreasing.  Sportspersons like Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams are currently the highest earning women sportspersons(…)


A Female student leader shares her experience

Yael Shafritz, a student of politics at the University of Sheffield, who has recently been elected the student union President- the first woman to get the position in eleven years, shares her experience. She announces that studying in a convent schools, she experienced sexism first-hand. Yet, she did not think that she would see a(…)


Emerging Women Leaders

Women all over the world are making progress at workplaces- more in certain countries than others. Women leaders however, have additional challenges that need to be dealt with. The Wall Street Journal asked a few leading women about these specific challenges and the ways in which they overcame them.   Angela Braly, the CEO of(…)


Challenging traditional gender roles

Those of us who grew up around both parents, mostly remember spending less time with our fathers than mothers (irrespective of whether they were working or not.) The traditional gender roles have always dictated that men are providers where as women are nurturers. Even in the households where both men and women both are breadwinners,(…)


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