Who Says Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend? Millennials Don’t Care!

Diamond are a girl’s best friend? We’ve heard that a thousand times, and we’ve adhered to it for generations. Gold, diamond, platinum – precious metals make us feel precious. Apparently. In this new day and age, where millennials are opting for more pragmatic options in life, like education and career (rather than marriage), is jewellery(…)


Workshop To Make Women Bike Enthusiasts Road-Worthy A Huge Success

This wasn’t an ordinary Sunday morning for those who passed by the Gurgaon-Faridabad Expressway. On April 23, an all-women biker group unleashed its passion for the roads and conquered a male bastion. Riding Workshop for Women organized by Delhi Royal Enfield Riders in association with Riders Alliance Group. #xBhp — xBhp (@xBhp) April 24,(…)


Why Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’ is a Must Watch

It has been only a few weeks since the release of the show, and it has been the talk of the town. Gaining popularity not only in the US, but India too, Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” is a story about a girl who commits suicide, and how she leaves tapes revealing 13 reasons on why(…)


Stop asking ‘Why didn’t she leave?’ says Kiran Manral on Silicon Valley Domestic Violence Case

The wife of a Silicon Valley CEO reported long term domestic violence and abuse. Her husband, a software engineer who had emigrated to California in 2005 from India,  and currently the CEO of Cuberon, got just two weeks in jail for the long term domestic violence he subjected his wife to. Read The Full Story About This Abusive(…)


Sheryl Sandberg’s New Book Talks About Ways to Build Resilience

Life altering events like the death of a loved one can shake a person’s self-confidence. While finding inner strength in the times of adversities can be difficult, robust support from family and friends can help people to recover and rebound. That’s what Sheryl Sandberg’s new book Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy talks about.(…)


Nazia Erum Schools Sadhvi Prachi On Islamic Marriage In This Open Letter

‘Nikaah’ or the Muslim marriage has been in the midst of various controversies, courtesy several misconceptions. While polygamy and triple talaq are the aspects most talked about, there is more to it. And progressive Muslim Nazia Erum’s letter to Sadhvi Prachi published by a news daily explains just that.


Health Watch: IUDs most effective birth control measure

There are a range of contraceptives available to women these days. One of the most effective forms of birth control are the intrauterine devices (IUDs). These are very small devices, made of plastic or copper and shaped like a ’T’ that are inserted into the uterus. The hormonal IUD is made of plastic and gives(…)


Data Watch: Number of literate and self-employed Muslim women on a rise

In the midst of the triple talaq debate, there is a new discourse that has been completed neglected from the public eye. It is of the rising number of educated Muslim women in both rural and urban areas in the country. The percentage of Muslim women graduates’ growth in the period of 2001-11 as found out(…)


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