Why Should There Be Shame Around Menstruation? Asks Twinkle Khanna

“Why should there be shame around Menstruation?” asks Twinkle Khanna who’s taken on the producer’s role for an upcoming film, ‘Padman’, which depicts the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham — known as the India’s ‘Menstruation Man’.


Misogyny needs to be called out, patriarchal mindsets limit women at social, cultural and political levels: Danish Husain

Danish Husain transitioned from a corporate banking job to theatre over a decade ago, and as we speak, I realise his enthusiasm for the medium still remains unfettered. Husain who is the founder of the theatre company Hoshruba Repertory, says, “There is a kind of immediacy to a live performance. The audience is inescapably engaged(…)


Mag Cover Of Tamil Bride Dressed In Saree With Slit Sparks Outrage Online

When it comes to saree and how Indians wear it, people have a fixed mindset, but when you try to break the norm, outrage is what we come across. A similar thing happened when a Toronto-based magazine — Jodi Bridal Show – unveiled its latest cover with a picture of a woman in a traditional saree but with a slit that reveals model Thanuska Subramaniam’s legs.


Delhi Police finds 165 unsafe spots for women, increases surveillance

The Delhi Police have identified 165 dark spots in the city where crimes mostly take place and are unsafe for women. They are building a “total surveillance system” comprising CCTV cameras, spotters and emergency response vehicles (ERVs) under which all these dark spots will come.


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