Pune Doctor Waives Maternity Charges For Girl Child Birth

A culturally embedded preference for male child in the south Asian countries, especially in India, Nepal and China, has led to widespread sex selective abortions, female infanticide and neglect of girls. The anti-girl bias in India has led to a lopsided sex-ratio for years. Only 918 females are born for every 1,000 males in the country. Doctor Ganesh(…)


Karnataka To Scrap Night Shifts For Women?

​Amidst the twists and turns women already face at workplaces, here comes another challenge — and we are not happy about it! The Karnataka legislature panel’s new proposal to IT and Bio-technology companies in Bengaluru is that women should not be made to do night shifts in order to ensure their safety and security.


An accountant turned entrepreneur, Devika’s Kanabis makes vegan shoes

Leather was never her thing. And so Devika Srimal Bapna set course on a mission to find conscious shoes for herself. In the quest of wanting something unique, fashionable and ecofriendly, she started Kanabis. A PETA volunteer and an animal-lover, she wanted to do something completely different whether animals wouldn’t be hurt. Kanabis started overnight,(…)


‘Khoon Ka Rishta’ Helps Pregnant Bihari Women Prevent Anaemia

BBC Media Action India has started a campaign, ‘Khoon Ka Rishta’, which seeks to deliver iron and folic acid tablets to pregnant women across 8 districts of Bihar. The campaign will also give them a booklet, which is cut out in the shape of a baby, where they can tabulate how many tablets they have consumed, using blood drop-shaped red stickers which will also be provided to them.


Skill Women, Skill India: Women hammering brand new careers into shape in Haryana

Young women in Haryana have enrolled in a skills training at a stainless steel plant in Rohad district. Over a four-month period, 180 young women will be trained to work in stainless steel application in Haryana, a state where women’s workforce participation remains low. The skilling programme is a one-of-its kind public-private partnership initiative led(…)


Mary Kom Plans Comeback At Asian Boxing Championships In Nov

It’s time for ‘Magnificent Mary’ to return to the ring again. One of India’s finest athletes, MC Mary Kom is once again is gearing up to make a comeback to the ring at this year’s Asian Championship in Vietnam, which is scheduled in November. “My next target is the Asian Championships in November. I want to give myself a chance(…)


After Poor Response To Himmat App For Safety, Delhi Police Takes Stock

Delhi Police’s attempt to ensure safety in the city does not seem to have benefited many people. In January 2015, the cops had introduced the Himmat app, a safety app for women in the city to signal danger. But the numbers show that this app has failed to be a big hit with the city’s women. The Delhi Police recently held a meeting to review the situation.


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