• Mother’s Day 2017: How To Make It Special?

    Mother’s Day is round the corner. It is a great chance for children to express how much she means to them because the irrefutable truth is that a lot of credit for our achievements goes to our mothers. She is definitely the strongest pillar of our lives.

    On the occasion of Mother’s Day, SheThePeople.Tv spoke to a few women about how they plan to celebrate it.

    Vrinda Lakra, who is pursuing her English Honours from Delhi University feels that doing small things can make mothers very happy.

    “I will celebrate Mother’s Day by being grateful, showing her that I acknowledge her work. I am, in fact, planning to take my mum to her mother’s place so that she also gets to relive the good old days in her mother’s company.”

    “My mother is a homemaker and the only thing she craves for is a break from her usual routine. I will ask her to step back and let me do all the household chores. I will also promise her to take such initiatives more frequently in the future”, chuckles 20-year-old Ayushi Jain, a foreign language student in Delhi.

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    Asha Singh, a resident of Delhi and a mother of two children, is very sure that spending time with her mother is the best gift she can give to her, since it will make her nostalgic and happy at the same time.

    “Since my marriage, the quality time I used to spend with my mother has reduced considerably. I want to spend a good day with her. I will get a big collage made that will have a lot of our photos. I want to give her a chance to cherish those moments I spent with her.”

    Tina Khurana, another resident of Delhi, wants to celebrate Mother’s Day by taking her mother out for a movie.

    “My mother is a big fan of Parineeti Chopra. I have already booked the tickets for ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’ followed by lunch in a fine-dining restaurant. Mothers definitely deserve a break from their hectic schedules.”

    How are you making Mother’s Day special for her? Let us know in the comments below…

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