• Modi defends Nirbhaya Documentary ban, says it’s government’s duty to protect victim’s identity

    While many ministers in the Parliament spoke about the ban on the Nirbhaya- Documentary, the Indian Prime Minister had chosen to keep mum. Recently, he broke his silence and defended his government’s decision to ban the documentary, ‘India’s Daughter’ in an interview with the Time Magazine. Since the case was sub judice, said Modi, it is also the government’s duty to protect the dignity of the victim.


    According to the Time Magazine , Modi said, “It is not a question of freedom of speech, it is more a legal question. It has two or three aspects. One aspect is that the identity of the rape victim should not be revealed which would have happened if this interview was allowed to be telecast. Two, the case is still sub judice (under judgment) and the telecast which features the interview of the person who is alleged to have committed the crime could have impacted the judicial process. Three, it is also our responsibility to ensure protection of the victim.”


    Mukesh, one of the convicted rapists in India's Daughter  Picture By: Telugu Abroad

    Mukesh, one of the convicted rapists in India’s Daughter
    Picture By: Telugu Abroad


    The Leslee Udwin documentary that was due to be released in India on 8th March, was eventually banned in India for a couple of reasons, one of them being an interview with one of the rapists who stated that women and their actions are responsible for rape. Our government believed that this statement will encourage others to have similar opinions. (What I personally fail to understand is that- who in his/ her right mind would like to believe that he/she has the same opinions as a world-wide hated rapist?)


    This decision was later highly criticised by the general public, popular personalities in politics and entertainment alike but the documentary was leaked and was viewed by people all over the country and recieved praise from celebrities worldwide.


    [Featured Picture Courtesy: Business Today]

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