Dream in Hindi, aspire in English? Namita Gokhale on power of language

Dream in Hindi, aspire in English? Namita Gokhale on power of language. As an author she reflects on how many Indians have a ‘thinking’ language and another one that they use as their medium. With her insights into linguistics, she shares her experiences and perception of how language impacts ideas.


RK Pachauri Case: All you need to know

The RK Pachauri case has rocked headlines and put the spotlight on weak laws and biased systems at the workplace. Accused of sexually harassing colleagues at TERI, the investigations against him fell weak and he was reinstated with a promotion to the institution recently. This has fired up social media and the complainants have written(…)


Video is the medium of the future: Rajan Anandan, Google

Video is going to change everything and its consumption is on the move up despite our broadband challenges – says Google’s India MD Rajan Anandan who gave a most inspirational talk at the Digital Women Awards in Mumbai.  


How Bombay came to love its art: Bombaywaali with Sangita Jindal

Bombaywaali is a celebration of women of Bombay – a special event series organised by SheThePeople.TV in partnership with The Bombay Canteen. Sangita Jindal, publisher of Art India was our first guest and she reflected on some fascinating anecdotes of how Bombay came to love its art. Having grown in Calcutta, Jindal talks about how her(…)


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