• Lucknow’s first female SSP, meet supercop Manzil Saini

    The 2005 batch IPS officer is Uttar Pradesh’s super cop. She’s popularly known as ‘Lady Singham’. The upright police officer was earlier posted in Badayun, Muzaffarnagar and Mathura. Now she comes to Lucknow as its first female SSP.
    1. Gold medalist at Delhi School of Economics

    She trained at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police IPS Academy in Hyderabad. Was a student at the Delhi School of Economics where she was a gold medallist. She reportedly joined the corporate world and worked there in a private firm for 3 years. She then appeared for UPSC Civil Services Examination and cracked it in her very first attempt in 2005.

    2. Unearthed Key Cases

    Busted multi million dollar key kidney racket, shot her to fame. She followed up a labourer’s complaint about his ‘stolen kidney’ and traced the origins of the story.

    3. Married Batchmate & College Sweetheart

    She is married to Jaspal Dehal. They married in 2000, five years before Manzil became an IPS Officer. Both went to D-School. She has two children – a daughter and a son.

    IPS Officer Manzil Saini by Ipiousblog
    IPS Officer Manzil Saini : Pic by Ipiousblog

    4. Honest & Sincere 

    Saini is known for her commitment to discipline. Saini was in the news for coming down hard on the unauthorized use of party flags in four wheelers by political party workers.

    5. Keeps Colleagues On Toes

    One report claims that she caught ten police constables from the quick response team napping inside a police van in Etawah. She punished them by making them jog around a playground.


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