It's time for a new thought process on 'Women in Leadership' so share your ideas by writing a blog on anyone or a combination of the below subjects:

  • EMPOWER: How organisations can foster an environment of empowering women as employees.

  • ENGAGE: What kind of conversations can help change the future of women at work?

  • ELEVATE: How do inspiring stories elevate women of the future and help them raise the bar?


You can submit your entry by 12 pm on 1st July 2015.


Top ten entries will be showcased on SheThePeople.TV and promoted across our social media network. Top three bloggers will be invited to a special event organised by SheThePeople.TV

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Women in Leadership Contest


  1. How do I enter the contest?

    Post a blog describing your experience using the simple registration form. Your blog must be original and reflect your views and creativity. Complete the submission form. Entries must be new material and not copied from something already written.

  2. Will blogs be accepted in all languages?

    Blogs will be accepted in English.

  3. Will blog entries be featured on

    The blog contest is to encourage users to share their experiences about Women in Leadership so we will occasionally feature select blog entries on the platform. However, a submitted blog post that appears on is not confirmation that the entry has been selected for judging.

  4. What are the prizes?

    Blog and win exclusive prizes like Kindles, iPads and more.One lucky winner stands a chance to win an all-paid expense trip to an exciting destination.

    What's more? Some of your blogs get featured on our social media platforms, you can win customised gifts and be a part of our upcoming blogging meet.So participate now.

  5. Who are the judges?

    All the entries will be judged by a panel of experts put together by

  6. What criteria will the judges use to judge the contest?

    The panel of experts will judge each entry based on the following equally weighted judging criteria: novelty and originality of the blog entry; usefulness and character of the substantive feedback; the blog's interest and appeal to women at work, clarity in the expression; how the blog demonstrates or showcases specific ways by which organisations can improve environment for women.

  7. What is the deadline for submissions?

    The submission deadline is 12noon IST on July 1, 2015.

  8. When will the winners be announced?

    Winners will be announced on a date that will be appropriately publicised on

  9. How will the winners be notified?

    Winner will be notified via email at least three weeks after the contest closed.

Terms & conditions

  1. By participating in this promotion, all entrants, participants and eventual winners (each referred to as a "Participant") hereby agree to comply with and be bound by all the below mentioned rules, regulations, terms & conditions which may be changed, modified or amended by SheThePeople.TV at any time in its own discretion within or without notice to such Participant.
  2. It is clarified that there is no compulsion on purchases and purchasing the program does not guarantee and/or entitle any Participant to win. .
  3. Nothing stated or implied in this program will create and/or shall be construed or be deemed to create any form of employment, consultant, partnership or any other form of relationship between SheThePeople.TV and the Participant.
  4. SheThePeople.TV in its sole and absolute discretion shall have the right to accept and reject all entries by Participants. In the exercise of such discretion, SheThePeople.TVshall have the right to reject third party entries, bulk entries or entries submitted by agentsor any other such entries which do not fulfill the internal assessment criteria of SheThePeople.TV. .
  5. SheThePeople.TV in its sole discretion shall have the right to terminate your participation or any entry by any Participant in the promotion in the event such Participant is (i) in breach of these Terms and Conditions, (ii) breach the Partner Code of Conduct, or (iii) fails, at any time, to meet the eligibility requirements for the Promotion as set out by SheThePeople.TV.
  6. This Promotion is subject to all applicable law, regulation or corporate policies.
  7. Entry is by successful participation in the campaign as specified herein.
  8. This Promotion opens closes at 12 noon, July 1st 2015 but can be extended should the organizers deem appropriate in view of adding depth to the competition.
  9. To enter, Participants must submit a completed blog post of 500 words, in English. If the blog post is accepted by SheThePeople.TV in its sole discretion, SheThePeople.TV will add the blog post to its Community. Each Participant may submit up to three blog posts. SheThePeople.TV reserves the right to reject any blog posts submitted in its sole discretion. By submitting the blog post, the Participant warrants and represents that the blog post: (1) is original and has been legally created; (2) does not infringe the intellectual property including copyright, privacy rights, publicity rights, ownership rights or any other legal or moral rights of any third party and (3) is not defamatory, scandalous, disparaging, libelous, abusive of any person or entity. The Participant hereby fully indemnifies SheThePeople.TV, its officers, employees, management for all losses, costs, legal expenses and claims in respect of any proceedings or claims that may be raised by any third party in respect of the contents of the blog or related to any proprietary rights elated to the blog. . SheThePeople.TV will have the right to take down the blog, if so published, without prior notice to the Participant, in the event it’s contents are objected to or any complaint is made or any order is received from the government or court.
  10. SheThePeople.TV will accept blog posts for publication based upon technical accuracy, general quality and interest level. Acceptance will be determined by such appointed Judges in their sole discretion.
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    By entering the Promotion and in consideration for participating therein, Participant assigns to SheThePeople.TV all copyrights, license rights (including the rights to publish, distribute, transmit, display, perform, modify and sublicense), moral rights, other intellectual property rights contained in Participant's submission. In the case of trademarks, Participant hereby licenses such marks to SheThePeople.TV on a non-exclusive basis in order to display, transmit and perform Participant's submission in accordance with the Promotion. Participant represents to Juniper Networks that he/she has properly obtained valid releases and otherwise has the valid legal right to transfer (or with respect to trademarks, license), without compensation due from Juniper Networks, the name, photograph, likeness, voice, image and trademarks of any persons or entities contained in or portrayed in its submission. Participant agrees, upon request, to execute any documents reasonably necessary to grant the rights to Juniper Networks described in this section.