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Falguni Peacock: Why winning is everything

You have just got to be good…really good to succeed says award winning designer Falguni Peacock. She and her husband Shane Peacock are fashion industry’s top notch fashion designers who design for iconic celebrities like Katy Perry, Jenifer Lopez, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj among others. The secret of their success is the unique and unusual(…)


Hiring women is a business imperative: Debjani Ghosh

She is a big champion for women at work. Intel’s Debjani Ghosh talks about the gender wage gap in this chat with Poorvi Gupta asserting the need to bring it down. Ghosh believes things are looking up as organisations gainfully employ women and see the benefits of doing so. Nonetheless she says there are times(…)


Woman behind DoggieDabbas, Rashee Kuchroo is pushing nutrition for dogs

Cuddling with her Shih Tzu at her house who she calls Bro, Rashee Kuchroo opens up to us about her love for dogs, her entrepreneurial skills as a woman and the challenges she faced at DoggieDabbas, a venture she setup. is her special service for all food for dogs. She cooks nutritional and healthy(…)


We still need to raise our hands: Debjani Ghosh on women in boardrooms

In India women still need to raise our hands to get noticed asserts Debjani Ghosh, Intel’s South Asia Managing Director. Talking of female leaders in the boardrooms, she reflects on how challenging the Indian corporate environment can get. Despite the troughs she insists the only way to the top is through hard work.


Starbucks’ Avani Davda on how inspiration fires you up

It is two-and-a-half years since Avani Davda took on the top job at Tata Starbucks. She was mentored at Bombay House before being handpicked into a leadership role when Tatas partnered Starbucks in 2011. Davda worked on the project right from scratch at Starbucks’ headquarters in Seattle before Starbucks opened its first store in India(…)


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