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Boost Your Business In Jaipur: SheThePeople-Facebook Roadshow

Women entrepreneurs from Jaipur discussed building a brand on social media and turning influencers. Entrepreneurs, designers, startup owners, authors and social media enthusiasts together reflected on what social media in general and Facebook in particular is doing to their businesses and how they could leverage it even more to further business. Organised by SheThePeople.TV and(…)


Collaboration & network key strengths of Twitter

Social media is a great source of collaboration and today is among the leading economic employment opportunities for people. This says, V Shakthi who is a differently abled person and used Twitter to engage with brands and a strong social network. Shakthi gives examples of the many who he has connected with thanks to social(…)


Trial and Error: It’s a steep learning curve for startups says Namrata Bostrom

Hit and try and then try again. The learning curve in startups is steep and fast paced says Namrata Bostrom, co-founder of PopXo. In a chat with SheThePeople.TV’s Amrita Tripathi, Bostrom talks of the early days at setting up PopXo and finding their real market. PopXo originally started as a blog with another name and(…)


Karunya’s aviation journey & why women should take to the skies

Karunya is among India’s most successful women pilots. 35000 ft above, beautiful skies are her home. SheThePeople’s Poorvi Gupta caught up with her at the IndiGo training centre in Gurgaon to talk to her about her journey. India has the most percentage of female pilots in the world according to global ranking. It stands at(…)


Extraordinary lives of everest climbers Nungshi and Tashi Malik

They did not want to do something ordinary with their lives and so they chose to climb mountains, making them join the few Indian women who have done so in their lives. And while on it, they chose to set standards high for twin siblings in the world. One after the other they kept on(…)


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