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Great to see you here. We would love to know your story. Moms Mean Business is our brand new campaign to engage with mommie entrepreneurs across India. We are delighted you chose to submit your story here at She The People. So what are you waiting for? The starting point? Here are some tips.

How Does It Work?
Our editors will go through your submitted story and publish it on the website.

What’s A Good Way To Start?
We believe, you know your journey’s milestones best, so write it yourself.

Share Those Struggles & Successes
Believe work life balance is all nonsense? This superwoman syndrome is stuff for fairy tales and not real life? Tell us. Don’t hold it back.

Quick Ideas To Get You Writing
Be true to the story. Be authentic. Be opinionated. Be yourself.

Tell us how it all began, focus on some interesting times, or struggles during your personal journey. Tell us how you fought back, dealt with the situation and came out shining. How did it change you?

One woman can inspire a billion. So definitely add some practical advice from your journey for them. We look forward to seeing what makes your story unique and inspirational, and we look forward to publishing your story on She The People.

Moms Mean Business

Moms Mean Business

You could even email us your story at and we will get in touch with you. Look forward!

Would like to also share your story via video? Fill out the form below and attach your video via dropbox or v-share. It’s easy but remember to watch the size since it can’t be larger than 150 MB and keep the format simple.







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