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In this edition of Bombaywaali, we have veteran journalist and columnist with the Times of India and curator of Times of India Litfest Bachi Karkaria discussing her latest book ‘In Hot Blood: The Nanavati Case That Shook India’ based on the famous Nanavati case, the original crime of passion that rocked the Mumbai of the 1950s.

What compelled the dashing naval officer Kawas Nanavati to shoot his wife’s lover, Prem Ahuja, and turn himself in to the police, what were the socio-cultural circumstances of Mumbai of the era, what role did Parsi privilege play in the unfolding of the trial and how this case would go on to become the first ‘tabloid’ trial that our country had seen. We discuss all this and more.

JOIN US, where Bachi Karkaria is in conversation with SheThePeople Ideas Editor, Kiran Manral.

Join us at 5 pm on 15th June 2017 at Soda Bottle Opener Wala, The Capital Building, G Block Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East.

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