He For She

Investing in women is investing in yourself: Alex Schlaubitz

That diversity brings more to an organisation and its growth is now a no brainer says Alex Schlaubitz, marketing head of Lufthansa. Speaking at #StartUpExpo about the rise of women entrepreneurs he talks about how digital is shaping business strategy and how content as a buzzword needs more attention. Others in He For She Series


Canadian PM Justin Trudeau as an ambassador of women’s rights

Justin Trudeau is the second youngest of political leaders worldwide. Son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Justin has managed to put together the first ever gender-balanced cabinet in Canadian History, with an exact 50-50 ratio. He also doesn’t shy away from calling himself a feminist. His wife Sophie and him are quite sensitive towards(…)


He For She: AAP’s Ankit Lal on using social media for women’s safety

Social media can be great disseminator and connector of news and issues of women’s safety says Ankit Lal, the technology and social media national secretary at the Aam Aadmi Party. It’s quick, reliable and easy to spread in order to help bring a solution to a person in distress, he asserts. Lal reflects on efforts(…)


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