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    It’s never easy to be a mom and getting resources that can shape your child’s upbringing and make it fun are often hard to come by. Parenting has always been challenging but more recently, it’s also about what information you get your hands on and what guides your notions and thoughts. There is a hunger for new information, accurate views, better understanding of our environment, new options for playtime, product reviews, learning ideas that can help children grow with the pace of their surroundings. It’s always hard to get exhaustive information and ideas from all places but here are five resources and websites that we believe can be brilliantly useful.



    They offer what they promise- about your child around your home. It’s across nine cities with resources of what outside-of-school activities your offspring can enjoy in the vicinity. An online marketplace for businesses, brands, parents and children, it also has a lot of content that parents share, which can be useful in terms of feedback for others. It offers locality wise event search so you don’t get lost looking for activities for kids. You can book classes using the platform.



    A listing platform for children’s events, Kleverkid is new and available in Mumbai and Delhi. They offer consultation for what may be the best suited program for your child. It integrates using Google Maps to get location specific for your searches. They are also promoting the ‘coolness’ factor among moms by creating a ‘Boss Mom’ concept getting them to earn batches and get social recognition for the same.


    Best Blogs And Resources On Parent Child Activities

    Best Blogs And Resources On Parent Child Activities


    One of their key offerings is in the form of videos with information to learn, play, understand both useful things for children and parents. They host listings, brand and products but are big on content creation. You also get information on where to book or call. Also have reviews of events and products that can be valuable for parents looking to know if or not a particular item is good. Also feedback appears to be from users so its genuine. They do not book your event directly through the website and the shop. It’s filled with interesting products doesn’t support an ecommerce connection just yet.



    It’s an artsy crafty blogsite with pins and posts of a Bangalore soft analyst who is passionate about craft. The space is full of interesting ideas, writings and learnings of a mom. It’s got pictures to support arty ideas and things that can occupy children at hours. Some of the articles are ‘how to’ and very useful for quick craft support. We particular love the India Craft section, which original, connects to India’s own events or folk art and keeps the platform linked to majority of its readers.


    How to have more fun with kids?

    How to have more fun with kids?


    This is a different platform from the ones above but it makes for a great resource across ages and classes. It’s got a fair bit of traditional material – shapes, numbers, calculation – but its presented in a unique way. At times the site may seem slow, possibly driven by the interactivity on offer but the content seems well researched, in-depth and fun. Particularly interested in their simple art for kids such has using alphabets to make animals. What’s also immensely fun are the curious questions on offer – such as why does the clock move clockwise or why do birds on a wire never get a shock?


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