• Girl’s Post About Ex Goes Viral, US Olympian Asks Her Out

    One Tweet made this woman an internet sensation overnight! Going by the Twitter handle @candinam, Namrata Datta spoke what’s on the mind of every woman, when she wrote this:

    Soon, the tweet went viral, and why not? Every girl from our generation can relate to it. But the icing on the cake was when US Olympian Mark Schultz reacted in a different way. He openly asked Namrata: “single now?” by replying to her tweet.

    A response from an eminent sportsperson makes the random tweet an instant hit (which almost never hapeens!). Schultz wrote:

    In reply, Namrata wrote back:

    This small but an intended proposal was a surprise element to the powerful story. Very soon, others re-created their own versions of the clever post and made it popular on the basis of an apparent ‘hitting on’ incident.

    American Olympian Mark Schultz is a world champion freestyle wrestler.

    Interestingly, there are rumours that Namrata’s post was copied from Scribbled Stories, a platform where writers across the globe post short stories. While her tweet was liked over 3 lakh times and retweeted nearly 1 lakh times and still counting, she claimed that it’s not a stolen idea.

    The Facebook post from ‘The Scribbled Stories’ goes:

    Scribbled Stories

    Which has also been shared million times.

    Other tweets are:


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