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Master of her game, why Sandhya Mridul is passionately independent

She is vociferously independent, critically selective and brutally honest about being in the film industry. Sandhya Mridul, who acts in niche films knows being in Bollywood can put actors under immense pressure to live up to the Jones’. She insists finding your call, staying independent and being the master of your game is the way(…)


AnUsual: Anu Aggarwal’s gutsy story of ‘to the hell’ and back

Model-turned-actress Anu Aggarwal was every newspaper’s muse, a rage in the film world with her debut in Aashiqui (1990). She became an overnight star. Producers were betting on this dusky beauty, a break from their tradition of chasing fair skin actors. And so Anu had achieved more than a few milestones with one single movie.(…)


Falguni Peacock: Why winning is everything

You have just got to be good…really good to succeed says award winning designer Falguni Peacock. She and her husband Shane Peacock are fashion industry’s top notch fashion designers who design for iconic celebrities like Katy Perry, Jenifer Lopez, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj among others. The secret of their success is the unique and unusual(…)


Cinema not divorced from cultures: Anupama Chopra on women in films

  Anupama Chopra is among the most credible cinema writers and critics in the world. She understands and observes the nuances and under-skin of India’s glorified and criticised Bollywood industry. In this candid conversation with Features Editor Meghna Pant, Chopra shares that ‘objectifying’ women in cinema isn’t an Indian phenomenon. By no means justifying it,(…)


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