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    Women Entrepreneurs are changing the way we do business. Large-scale entry of women into the workforce can prove to be huge financial tailwinds for the Indian economy. SheThePeople.TV is doing a survey to know how the entrepreneurship climate for women can be improved and reformed. As partners to StartUp India with the Indian Government, we hope to present insights into the real fabric of women entrepreneurship through this effort.

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    What are the biggest challenges you face?
     Funding Procedures & Compliance Resources Acceptance as woman founder

    What kind of funding do you operate on?
     Self Funded From family From investors Loans & borrowings

    Do you think it is difficult for a woman to raise funds?
     Yes No

    How can the government support start-ups the most?
     Ease existing tax laws Cut down on procedures & compliance Access to funding from central government pools Foster hub for resources

    Which sector do you find most lucrative to startup?
     E-Commerce Tech Platforms Services Social Sector Health Education Financial Platforms Others

    Why did you decide to do a start up?
     Bridge existing gap in market Create a new market for good/services Bring down cost of a service Solve a social problem

    What is the differentiator of your startup?
     Uniqueness Betterment of Service Least cost offering Best tech-led solution

    What is the most important thing for a start up?
     Strong idea Technology Funding Knowledge of the business Infrastructure

    What is the biggest skill gap you faced in your start up?
     Legal Taxes IT Marketing

    In how much time did you manage to break even?
     Less than six months One year Two years Over five years

    What keeps most women entrepreneurs from scaling up?
     Lack of confidence No mentorship No family support No funding options

    Do you think there should be better provisions for startups especially led by women?
     Yes No

    Should the government start a fund to foster women startups?
     Yes No

    As a start up entrepreneur which of these roles you double up often as ?
     Being an Accountant Being the Chief Peon Being the customers punching bag

    What gets you through in tough times?
     Passion Family

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