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Is Bollywood scared of feminism?

Is India’s film industry scared of the word Feminism? Do we give too much attention to what and how our stars think? Are they really feminists if the industry is yet debating gender pay gap? Or where women surge and grow basis the choice of the Khans?  Recently Lisa Haydon who played a bold role in(…)


Girlyapaa’s Video Wants To Get You Talking About Marital Rape

Marital rape, a subject that is taboo in discussions even in the modern age. Shocking we don’t have a law on this. And politicians just love ignoring this, making the resolve to get in even higher. With the recent cases in the country dealing with rape, it sure is being talked about- but marital rape(…)


Boost Your Business In Jaipur: SheThePeople-Facebook Roadshow

Women entrepreneurs from Jaipur discussed building a brand on social media and turning influencers. Entrepreneurs, designers, startup owners, authors and social media enthusiasts together reflected on what social media in general and Facebook in particular is doing to their businesses and how they could leverage it even more to further business. Organised by SheThePeople.TV and(…)


Collaboration & network key strengths of Twitter

Social media is a great source of collaboration and today is among the leading economic employment opportunities for people. This says, V Shakthi who is a differently abled person and used Twitter to engage with brands and a strong social network. Shakthi gives examples of the many who he has connected with thanks to social(…)


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