Series on the Women of Bombay

What it takes to be an entrepreneur with Zia Mody

When global law firms knocked at her door to give them an entry into India’s vibrant and growing business market, Zia Mody realised it was time to become an entrepreneur and set up her own law firm. Thus was born AZB Partners which went from a startup of 12 to a large organisation of 300.(…)


Why do I have to wake up at 5 am and make rotis?

Why do I need to make rotis at 5 in the morning? Why can’t I outsource what I cannot do? Why do we do everything all the time? Why must we drop the kids at the tuition, get a driver to do that. In this most candid interview, celebrated lawyer Zia Mody reflects why women(…)


How the Kala Ghoda festival came about: Sangita Jindal

For most in our generation, Kala Ghoda festival has always been part of the city’s artistic DNA. It’s cultural and storied history resonates through the walls of south Bombay, not without enveloping any interested passers by. The festival was conceptualised by a what were a bunch of city and art loving enthusiast that original included(…)


How Bombay came to love its art: Bombaywaali with Sangita Jindal

Bombaywaali is a celebration of women of Bombay – a special event series organised by SheThePeople.TV in partnership with The Bombay Canteen. Sangita Jindal, publisher of Art India was our first guest and she reflected on some fascinating anecdotes of how Bombay came to love its art. Having grown in Calcutta, Jindal talks about how her(…)


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